Principal's Message

Principal's Message

amit das
DR. Amit Das


Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation


Most of us who have been involved in the field of education for the last three decades and have witnessed the drastically changing socio economic background - have felt the deep impact of this changing scenario on Professional Colleges.

Having gone Global on economic, political and allied fronts as a nation and thrown open our doors to the winds of change, one could foresee what legacy we were to create for the future inheritors of our country.

Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy is the prime runner and aims at providing education par excellence. Rated number 1 by the week magazine this modern gurukulam works at the grass root level to understand the child. We inculcate in each individual the desire to learn. There is no alternative for hard work and it reflects when you meet our students and see the charged up atmosphere. "We carve stones we just do not polish them we make monument out of it".

We urgently required a system of education where by a 'state of the art technology would support a much wider array of content from a world perspective that would take the Pharmacist of today through such strategically planned experiences that were drawn from any part of the world and measured up qualitatively as per world standards to prepare world citizens of tomorrow. It was a challenge. We at Krupanidhi have worked every inch to make it a reality.

At this unique institution, we hone the academic skills, fine-tune the aesthetic senses and work towards building a Holistic culture that values the individuality of each pupil, helping them realize their innate potential. Children are encouraged to explore and revel in the joy of learning. Research Based learning is the norm, where each pupil is guided through an individualized work plan in consonance with his/her potential, thereby providing a complete learning experience.

The Institute provides all latest instruments, ambience of a world class green campus and best Teachers and Researchers who are working round the clock for student welfare and care. There is overall personality development here with our concept of Finishing School.

To experience the true joy of Learning come join us and be part of an institute which has students from all around the globe.


Dr. Amit Das