Campus Life

Campus Life

The campus life at Krupanidhi is anything but that of a traditional college. Sprawled out on a 11–acre campus amidst lots of greenery, the various institutions have a number of facilities including a library, hostels, a student cafeteria serving multiple cuisines to satisfy different palates, laboratories for all the branches of science, a gym and a fitness center with state of the art equipment imported from Italy, sports arena with facilities for various games, a digital library as well as transport facilities for our students and staff. Krupanidhi has a wi-fi campus allowing the students flexibility and luxury of working from any part of the campus at anytime. The Krupanidhi campus is comparably the best in the world. It is build to ensure and encourage all round development of its students, nurturing the world of tomorrow.


It is said that books have the power to influence one’s mind in a way nothing else can, and the administrators at Krupanidhi have capitalized on that thought. All the departments have their own dedicated libraries complete with internet facilities and laboratories wherever needed. The libraries have a large and extensive collection of books, and national and international journals that are updated each academic year.

The library also has a digital section where one can find a huge database of reputed online journals and ainternational periodicals, as well as a full–text collections of faculty and document publications. The library also has internet access along with helinet and wi-fi facilities. All the libraries provide the users with a reprography facility as well.


The colleges have separate hostel facilities for boys & girls, with each of them having different capacities according to the strength of the students in each department. The institutions offer clean, comfortable and safe hostels for all the students in the campus. The rooms, which are on four to a room basis, twin sharing and single occupancy basis are spacious, well–furnished with beds, study tables, cupboards, and even solar water heaters, and all rooms have attached bathrooms. House–keeping facilities are available for the benefit of the students. Hostel wardens have been assigned to each hostel for the security and comfort of the students. Wi-fi is available in the hostel. Additionally, the college is making an effort to augment their hostel capacities periodically to accommodate more students. The facilities provided and the atmosphere at the hostels ensure that the students have the calm and peace of mind, which is essential for them to grow academically.

Multi Cuisine food court & Cafeteria

A well–stocked cafeteria that has numerous choices of cuisines to tingle the taste buds of the students is the lifeblood of any educational institute. Krupanidhi’s cafeteria, which not only has a great ambience but also many cuisine choices of food from across the world, remains a focal point for the rest, refreshment and relaxation of the students. Right from various choices for food and energy drinks to an exclusive ice–cream counter and even an on–campus Café Coffee Day, the Krupanidhi cafeteria is a place of delight and invigoration for the people on the campus. Here taste, hygiene and nutrition go hand in hand in equal measure, none exclusive of the other.

Fitness zone

A well–stocked cafeteria that has numerous choices of cuisines to tingle the taste buds of the students is the lifeblood of any educational institute. Krupanidhi’s cafeteria, which not only has a great ambience but also many cuisine choices of food from across the world, remains a focal point for the rest, refreshment and relaxation of the students. Right from various choices for food and energy drinks to an exclusive ice–cream counter and even an on–campus Café Coffee Day, the Krupanidhi cafeteria is a place of delight and invigoration for the people on the campus. Here taste, hygiene and nutrition go hand in hand in equal measure, none exclusive of the other.

Finishing School

At Krupanidhi we realise that students need to be prepared to enter the workforce, nascent and blooming into adult life as they are. Recognising this critical need Krupanidhi’s finishing program gives its students, who are bubbling with energy and excitement to take on the the world, a final touch of polish, making them complete and ready for the working world. Krupanidhi’s concept of a finishing school is more than just etiquette and charm; it’s about making the students employable in the dynamic industry of today. Through its structured and practical program, Krupanidhi aims to increase the industry–readiness of graduates as well as their productivity, to bridge the gap between the education sector and the industry and to create synergies between them, and to ensure that a higher pool of industry–ready students is available for recruiting. We at Krupanidhi are proud of this one of a kind program.

Student Counseling

College life though is portrayed as a carefree one, is fraught with issues which can directly affect the mental well being of the student who is in a very vulnerable age. Thankfully, gone are the days when a person`s mental health was seen as a mark of strength and overall ability. College students are constantly worrying about their choice of career, personal life, competitive outside world, and how they are perceived by their peers to name a few. This is by far the most sensitive time in their life which also has far reaching effects on them as an adult too.

Krupanidhi College does not see students as mere students but as young adults who would need expert guidance in times of need. We have a counseling centre which is open during college hours and our top notch counselors do not see this as a mere job and are available any time any day imparting wisdom and best ways of dealing with issues the students are troubled with. The Counseling Centre is an integral part of the college and the students, the teachers and the parents have the liberty to walk in whenever they want to to discuss how best to deal with the issues in hand.

Considering how the issues are unique from student to student, there is no set way of dealing with it, but rest assured our counselors are the best in the field and in serious, life threatening scenarios would interact with the respective parents to chart the best way forward. Each and every session will be confidential and would not be disclosed to anyone unless we need parental interference. Apart from this, students are often given career counseling too.


When it comes to sports and extracurricular activities, the Krupanidhi Group gives equal prominence and importance to it as much as they do to academics. The college has extensive sports facilities for many sports right from volleyball, basketball, and badminton to football and the all–time–favourite cricket. Evenings see a flurry of activity on the grounds of the college with students playing various sports and many even enjoying as an interested audience. There is also an on–campus basketball court for the students to develop their talent. There are many sports clubs for different activities too, and they see active participation from the students and encouragement from the college faculty.

Apart from sports, the college also encourages and motivates its students to participate in many extracurricular activities. The college has many cultural clubs and societies such as the hobby club, the literary club, the IT club, NSS clubs, cultural clubs, and musical bands. The college also has developmental cells such as the Women’s Development Cell, as well as academic clubs.

Cultural & Sports


The pharmacy block has 18 well equipped labs with high-tech facilities. All 18 labs contain equipment that is well maintained with dedicated, well-trained staff who is experts in handling lab equipment. Our labs are known to have advanced pharmacy equipment in India; some shipped from abroad and are a first of its kind in Bangalore. Here is the list of labs

  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology 1
  • Microbiology & Biotechnology 1
  • Pharmaceutics Lab 1
  • Pharmaceutics Lab 2
  • Pharmaceutics Lab 3
  • Pharmaceutics Lab 4
  • Machine Room 1
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab 1
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab 2
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab 3
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab 4
  • Pharmacology Lab 1
  • Pharmacology Lab 2
  • Pharmacognosy Lab 1
  • Pharmacognosy Lab 1
  • Quality Assurance Lab 1
  • Pharmacy Practice Lab 2
  • Instrumental Lab 1

Animal House

Prior to use in humans, medications and drugs must first be tested on animals. As a result, Karunanidhi college of pharmacy has kept a state-of-the-art Animal House Facility available for students to study the effects of medications on animal models.Our college maintains a well-equipped Animal House which is set up and maintained as per the guidelines of Committee for Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CCSEA”). The facility is maintained by the Department of Pharmacology.
The facility is used to conduct experiments necessary for PG studies as well as a variety of other research projects ( M.Pharm, Ph.D., funded projects, industrial and collaborative). Mice, rats, and rabbits are just a few of the small animal species kept in our animal shelter. The building includes a laundry room, a feed store, animal cages, etc. According to CCSEA norms, all animal research must first receive approval from the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC).
Register number:378/PO/ReBi/S/01/CPCSEA
Institutional animal ethical committee (IAEC).
Know More...

SL. No. Name Designation in IAEC
1 Dr. Raman Dang Chairman-IAEC
2 Dr.R.G.Prakash Main Nominee, CPCSEA
3 Dr.G.H.Mohan Link Nominee, CPCSEA
4 Dr.B.SangeethaRajkamal Scientist from outside the Institute
5 Dr.Nanjappaiah.H.M Socially Aware Nominee
6 Dr.Jyothi.Y Member Secretary and Scientist from different biological discipline
7 Prof. RanganathManandi K Biological Scientist
8 Dr.Yashas R Kumar Veterinarian
9 Mrs. Waheeda Scientist In-charge of Animal House Facility


An association founded by the pioneers of Pharmacy education in India in 1966 by leading personalities like Prof. M. .L Schroff, Prof. G. P Srivastava and others, have come a long way in creating better intercommunication and promotion of excellence in pharmacy education. Through its tailor-made mission and objectives, the association has provided a common platform for bringing together teachers of pharmacy education across the nation. APTI which is celebrating its 57 years, today has more than 15000 life members apart from a sizeable number of associate life members and student members from all over the country. The association with its activities is providing a robust platform for the bouncing avant-garde ideas of the membersin the academic field through new and more advanced teaching methodologies, fabrication of tools,computer-aided drug designs and other applications through interaction with industry, hospitals, regulatory bodies and community pharmacy.

APTI association has grown and expanded its presence in areas beyond Pharmacy education, into:

  • Nurturing the aspirations of students.
  • Guide cutting-edge research.
  • Provide invaluable consultancy to industry and academia.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit by promoting start-ups.
  • Teachers' Advisory to strengthen Teaching Learning and Research.
  • Outcome-based processes focusing on Teacher's welfare.
  • Group Insurance for Teachers.
  • National forum for teachers to connect with high officials.
  • Plans to have an Extensive membership drive to bring all teachers under one umbrella.
  • On the cards Travel grants to teachers for international connect.
  • Collaborations with high-end labs to provide teachers with facilities to cater to R&D APTI awards for deserving teachers and motivation for others to work hard.
  • Publishing high esteemed Scopus-indexed journals.
  • Newsletter of women forum and APT bulletin theme based.
  • Active website and connect at the Secretariat to attend to all teacher's concerns.

Medicinal Garden

Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy, Bangalore, has the privilege of maintaining a herbal garden within the campus with enormous species of important medicinal and aromatic plants. The garden is attached with the Pharmacy Building and its main purpose is to carry out experimental work, serves an important tool for teaching and research, to preserve and promote the medicinal values of the plants which grow mostly wild, in our surrounding and whose properties are beneficial in maintaining a balance between man and nature. Herbal gardens are the precious source of raw material for medicinal remedies used in primary health care. The herbal garden generally consists of all the herbs which have medicinal and aromatic properties.
Presently medicinal and aromatic plants are becoming increasingly economically important due to growing demand for herbal products to cure different diseases. Number of advantages is gained from the establishment of herbal garden as is ready fresh natural resource available for ingredients medicinally. Having a herbal garden is to protect and promote the therapeutic worth of plants that grow largely wild in our environment and whose characteristics aid in preserving a healthy balance between man and nature. Herbal garden is a valuable source of raw materials for medical treatments used in primary care. Students have the opportunity to get benefited from this garden by identifying various types of medicinal plants and gaining a grasp of the morphological characteristics of these plants.
Herbal garden is a place where students get exposure to various medicinal plants and get knowledge about their useful effects including their source, botanical names, cultivation techniques and their constituents etc Noni extract made from the fruit after fermentation, is useful in treating diabetes, while lemongrass tea made by extraction with water provides a soothing effect to the throat. In future, efforts will be made to provide details about the preparation of various home remedies using these herbs Keeping in view the importance of herbal garden Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy has established an Herbal Garden where more than 80 rare, threatened and commercially important medicinal plants have been introduced from various regions of India for cultivation and propagation. The Chief Guest for various National and International Conferences held in Krupanidhi will visit medicinal garden and did plantation regularly.



National Service Scheme (NSS) The vision is to build the youth with the mind and spirit to serve the society and work for the social uplift of the down-trodden masses of our nation as a movement.

About the Committee

The overall aim of National Service Scheme as envisaged earlier, is to give an extension dimension to the higher education system and orient the student youth to community service while they are studying in educational institution. NSS Unit sanctioned in the year of 2013 from NSS unit of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, Bengaluru.

  1. Understand the community in which they work.
  2. Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem solving process.
  3. Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility.
  4. Utilize their knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community problems
  5. Develop competence required for group living and sharing of responsibilities.
  6. Gain skills in mobilizing community participation.
  7. Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.
  8. Develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters.

NSS Committee Members


Dr. Raman Dang



Ms.Raksha Kumta
Assistant Professor

Dept. Of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
NSS Programme Officer(RGUHS)


Assistant Professor

Dept. Of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
NSS Programme Officer(RGUHS)


Mrs. Sushma
Assistant Professor

Dept. Of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy Regular Activities

Kargil Vijay Diwas Celebration

Food Drive

International Yoga Day Celebration

NSS Special Health Camp

Women Development Cell

Women’s Development Cell is a vibrant and incessantly active initiative of Krupanidhi college of Pharmacy. It officially commemorated its journey on 16th October 2015 with the graceful presence and inspiring words of Honourable Mrs.Geetha Nagpal, Vice Chairperson, KGI and principal of pharmacy Dr.Raman Dang, Academic Director Prof.M.D.Karvekar and CPPA Director Prof.P.V.Mallya .The need for Women empowerment in our present society and women’s struggles are some of the pressing issues which were emphasized by the chief guests followed by a signature drive where students penned down their insightful thoughts about women’s development issues like sexual harassment, domestic violence, Female foeticide, trafficking etc.
The Women Development Committee is formed with the following members under the chairmanship of
Chairperson - Dr. Raman Dang
Dr.Kavitha A N – Vice-Chairpersson
Dr.Sudha – Chief Co-Ordinator
Member- Dr.G Sangeetha
Member - Dr.K.Bindhu Madhuri

Vision : A gender-neutral environment that facilitates independence, safety, well-being and dignity of womenfolk; empowering them with rights and equitable opportunities ensuring enrichment of theirfuture.


  • Women Development Cell, is accountable for awareness of gender sensitization, women’s rights and promoting general wellbeing of students, teaching staff, support staff.
  • WDC is liable to create a dignified and inclusive environment for all genders in and around the campus and equip them in controlling their personal and professional lives.
  • WDC will continue to strive in creating equitable opportunities to empower women to attain their full potential, enriching organizational and social life.

Events conducted 2023
The New Year began with a step towards a stronger image of women and their health conditions. On 24th January 2023, occasion of National Girl Child Day WDC hosted an enlightening workshop on , “AWARENESS ON MENSTRUAL HYGIENE AND PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME ” by Dr.Shruthi Kalagara from Natus hospital .

Inauguration by Guest Speaker, Principal and CPPA director

Certificate and Memento Presentation to the Guest Speaker

The most highlighted event of the session was the role play by 1st SEM B. Pharm titled: which accentuated atrocities against women during their menstrual cycle and sanitary napkins distribution by ATHICHUR FOUNDATION to all non-teaching and housekeeping women.

On February 10th, 2023, occasion of Women in Science and technology conducted collage competition for pharmacy students followed by Chief Guest Dr.Shobharani Former Dean of RGUHS Seminar on “Sustainable Development Goals “.

We are proud that the KCP WDC has installed the Sanitary Pad Vending machines that was donated by the ATHICHUR FOUNDATION on 25 th Feb 2023.


  • World day for women safety and health at work -April 28
  • National Cancer Awareness Day- November 7
  • International Day to End Violence against Women - November 25

Revised Committee List

Student Testimonials

“The discipline that is followed in Krupanidhi College is something that not many ‘colleges’ today have, and that has been a big reason for my success at the institute.”

“I hadn’t seen or even heard of the concept of a ‘finishing school’ in India until I heard of Krupanidhi, and I must say that the holistic education has really helped my personality.”

“The entire faculty at Krupanidhi College are excellent teachers and help out each and every student, and not just the ones who are bright and pick up things fast. It’s encouraging to see the faculty support the students so much.”