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Two days workshop on “Advanced awareness on Intellectual property rights”

05 Feb 2020


Two days workshop on “Advanced awareness on Intellectual property rights”

Date:5th ,6th February 2020

Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy, Bangalore had organized two days workshop for M Pharm students on “ADVANCED AWARENESS ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS” dated 05/02/2020 – 06/02/2020. We heartly thank Prof. M D Karvekar , Prof. PV Mallya, Prof. Amit Kumar Das and management of Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy for organizing a very informative session.

Day 1 workshop (05/02/2020)

The program was inaugurated by a prayer song followed up with lighting the lamp by the dignitaries. The guests of honor for day 1 workshop were as follows:

  • Lokesh Venkataswamy

Design Thinker and Managing Director

Innomantra Consulting Private Limited.

Bangalore, India

  • Dr. Amrish Chandra

Registered Patent Agent 

Government of India.

Associate Professor DRA 

Amity Institute of Pharmacy.

  • Mr. Nagarjun M G 

Project Associate Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology (KSCST)

Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

Speaker 1 – 

Initially Dr. Lokesh Venkataswamy spoke about discovery of design thinking for growth and ways to scale up innovation. The three important rules for innovation were taught to be task motivation, expertise, creativity skills. The two mindsets the speaker discussed about were fixed mindset and growth mindset, also mentioned that a growth mindset is the base for innovation. Following up, the four Q’s for a growth mindset were taught to be :-

  1. What is?
  2. What if?
  3. What wows?(match of need and skill)
  4. What works?

Further the two important tools among eleven required for innovation were explained which are invert and maximize.

Speaker 2-

Dr. Amrish Chandra in his first session explained about the patent rights, patent terms, patentability of a work done. The important criterias for filing a patent were taught to be –

  1. Novelty
  2. Non-obviousness
  3. Industrial application
  4. Not attract the provisions of section 3 and 4 of the patents act 1970

The section 3 and 4 importantly describes about the excludes from filing a patent. 

In the second session the speaker described the procedure for patent grant in india. A very important site which has information concerning application form for patent and details of fee was informed to be www.ipindia.nic.in.

Speaker 3 – 

Mr. Nagarjun brought front the major activities focused by their organization which comprised of Environment, Alternative building technologies, Energy, Workshops, Patent information, Outreach programs, Education and Water. The speaker informed about the inclusive of Pharmacy among their major activities sooner.

Student Project Program (SPP) and Technology and Innovation Support Centre (TISC) were also briefly explained in this session. To conclude the speaker requested the young pharmacists to contribute and rise up the number of patent files per year in India.

We thank all the respected speakers for delivering such an immensely informative talk on “Advanced Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights” for day 1 workshop.

Day 2 workshop (06/02/2020)

The guest of honor for day 2 workshop were as follows

  • Dr.Sarasija Padmanabhann,

Senior IP Consultant (LifeSciences), Bangalore

  • Ms.Ekta Prasad

Patent Agent, Bangalore

  • Ms.BrindaVerma

IPR Attorney and Patent Agent


  • Shri.Vivek Anand Sagar

Consultant and IP Attorney, Patent Information Centre

Karnataka State Council for Science & Technology, IISc, Bengaluru

Speaker 1 –

Dr. Sirasija Padmanabhan provided a hands on training about various methods of patent search which comprised of number of search engines viz., 

  1. Google Patent
  3. IN PASS (Indian patent's data)
  4. PatentScope
  5. Publish or Perish
  6. Espace.net

In addition the management of the data in Excel sheet with accessing the data on various search engines for patent were taught.

Speaker 2 – 

Mrs. Ekta Prasad delivered a brief presentation on Design Patent.

Enforcement of design patent is by infringement Suit- District Court / High court, civil Remedies : an injunction and payment of damages or compensation, delivery of infringing articles, action for groundless threats an order of injunction can be obtained against groundless threat.

Speaker 3 –

IP Management, IP Strategy and Commercialisation were the topics covered by Ms Brinda Varma. The speaker described about various aspects of patent commercialization which comprised of –

  1. Exclusive Patent 
  2. Non exclusive Patent
  3. Assignment

One the most important discussion was about valuation of ones Patent and the criterias to set the cost of the patent was informed to comprise of cost of invention, cost of infrastructure used, future costing as well as the cost of similar invention in the market should be considered along with the cost of ones energy and time. Patent validity is for 20 years. Cross licensing is granted when there is a need of two invention for the same process in this case the right should be seeked from each other, importantly.

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