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Matri Bhasha Diwas celebration

22 Feb 2020


Matri Bhasha Diwas celebration

Date:22nd February 2020

Matribhasha Diwas’ was celebrated with great enthusiasm and fanfare at Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy at 11 am to 1 pm on 22-02-2020, as per the directions of All India Council for Technical Education. Since 21/02/2020 was a holiday on account of Mahashivratri. The Matribhasa Diwas was celebrated on 22/02/2020.

It was celebrated to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and to promote multilingualism.

The event was inaugurated by Dr Amit Kumar Das, Principal Krupanidhi college of pharmacy and Prof. Prakash Mallaya [Director CPPA, Krupanidhi college of pharmacy].

Languages are the most powerful instruments of preserving and developing our tangible and intangible heritage. All moves to promote the dissemination of mother tongues will serve not only to encourage linguistic diversity and multilingual education but also to develop fuller awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions throughout the world and to inspire solidarity based on understanding, tolerance and dialogue.

With this moto students of krupanidhi college of pharmacy presented various cultural activities and events in their mother language. Students and teachers dressed in ethnic wear and highlighted the importance of their mother language. The events took place in below mentioned languages

  • Angami
  • Assammi and nepali 
  • Bengali
  • Kannada
  • Marati
  • Malayalam 
  • Punjabi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu 
  • Gujurathi
  • Urdu
  • Bhojpuri 
  • Poumai