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Finishing School Batch 2018

18 Jul 2018 - 04 Aug 2018


Bret Morrison once said, “Of all the life skills available to us, communication is perhaps the most empowering.”  The Center for Pharmaceutical Professional Advancement (CPPA) headed by Director Prof. Prakash V Mallya seconds this thought and organized the annual Finishing School Program for the final year students of M.Pharm, Pharm D, B. Pharm and D. Pharm courses for the academic year 2018-19 from 18th July 2018- 4th August 2018.

The program was an amalgamation of various communication, presentation and life skill sessions that were elegantly and exuberantly spread over a period of three weeks. The main objective was to transform students into vibrant, confident and employable graduates.

The program took off with the blessings and motivation from the chairman, Prof. Dr. Suresh Nagpal and was driven in line with the concept of ‘ACT TO WIN’ coined by the mentor, Prof. Prakash Mallya himself, wherein each letter is an abbreviate to a life/professional skill that the students need to imbibe into them to develop into efficient professionals.

In the days to follow, the students had prominent and proficient trainers work with them on various aspects like etiquette, presentation skills, communication skills, emotional intelligence and so on. The trainees learnt, laughed, rejoiced, played, sang and danced along with the trainers as they let their inhibitions slowly fade away.

The entire event was no less than a celebration where towards the end of the program, the students prepared a flash mob for the entire campus to witness their transformation. The Finishing School Program 2018 was a successful endeavor weighed based on the love showered by the students onto the trainers and the program itself.