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KCP Teachers’ Day 2018

05 Sep 2018


5th of September has always been a day of auspicious celebration in Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy. This year was even more special because the day started with a small gathering amongst the staff where we took the opportunity of felicitating the Chairman, Prof. Dr. Suresh Nagpal, Director CPPA Prof. Prakash V Mallya and Dr. Amit Kumar Das, Principal KCP, for being the guiding light and motivation to the staff in their endeavor to shape the student future. The environment got nostalgic as senior staffs shared their most cherished memories with one another. It was a day where KCP staff awakened the sense of oneness once again.

Post lunch the students from various classes had different games and other fun activities planned up for the teachers. They definitely got to see the child side of their mentors on this day. The teachers enjoyed every bit of the love showered upon them. The flamboyantly decorated classrooms, flowers and cards spoke of the celebration made and the feast on cakes and snacks never stopped.

Although it is not something that is spoken about every day, the efforts made by the students were heart touching and each teacher felt special. It gave both students and teachers memories to cherish for lifetime.