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KrupaPharmaCon 2018

13 Oct 2018


KrupaPharmaCon 2018

Scientific Sessions

KrupaPharmaCon 2018; International Conference on Drug Development and Clinical Research: Current Scenario & Opportunities brought together 14 experts from different domains of Clinical Research to share ideas and updates from the field.

The scientific session for Day 1 started with Mr. Anirban Roy Chowdhury , Director of ARC life Sciences Consulting Group and the chair of ethics council ISCR sharing his thought on the paradigms to integrate academic research and industry needs and to create value out of translational research.

The Podium was then taken over by the Keynote speaker Prof. James F Jordan, Distinguished Service Professor of Healthcare and Biotechnology Management and senior Director of Healthcare and Biotechnology Programs &President & CEO at the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse, Pennsylvania, USA. Professor spoke on Innovation to Commercialization: A roadmap for Life Science projects, in which he enunciated how translation and monetization works in healthcare paradigm and how to obtain expertise and confidence into that process.

The next key note speaker was Mr. K Sridharan, CEO – Mindshare Learning Centre / Clever Insight Menlo Park, California, USA who delivered his lecture “The Role of Data & Technology in Epidemiology: Big Data and Visualization in Epidemiology” on how the normally drab discipline of epidemiology is getting transformed with the application of big data and data visualization is revolutionizing this discipline.

Dr. Atiya R Faruqui from St Johns’s Medical College and Research Institute was the first speaker for the afternoon session (Post Lunch). Her topic was on Biomedical Research Capacity Strengthening Approach: Institutional and Individual level, she went on to share her views on capacity and skill building required to do world class translational research and drew examples from her career too.

She was followed by Dr. Roli Mathur , Scientist ‘E’ and Head, ICMR Bioethics Unit, National center for Disease Informatics and Research, who talked on Overview of ICMR guidelines for biomedical research Involving Human subjects; the subject matter of the talk was on how to understand the ethical concerns when working with human volunteers in clinical study.

The final speaker for the day was Dr. Uma Shankar S of National Tuberculosis Center, Ministry of health and Family Welfare. He spoke on Operational Research for diseases of poverty: Scope and Opportunities.

The Scientific session for Day 2 started with the first speaker of the day Dr Thirumalai Velu , Director- Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Allergan India Pvt Ltd, talking on the current regulatory scenario of the clinical trials and how to operate within a regulatory ambit while conducting a clinical trial.

Dr. Vijay Venkatraman Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Oviya MedSafe Pvt Ltd, the subject matter expert on pharmacovigilance enlightened the audience next on the current best practices in the industry for monitoring the safety of pharmaceutical products in the post marketing phase.

The podium then was taken over by Mr. Suresh Sharma from the IT & ITES major Tata Consultancy Services. Mr. Sharma talked on his domain expertise of outsourcing the clinical trial related processes and the opportunities and challenges that exists in the clinical trial outsourcing space.

The next session was by Dr. Ananya Chakraborty , she talked on Trends and Opportunities in Medical Writing industry – an important area in the clinical trials universe. She also explored the scope and career opportunities that exist in this space.

Mr. Bastin Robbins of CleverInsight gave a lecture demonstration on the emerging trend in the clinical trial industry – analytics and big data, he also urged the participants to explore this path as a career option.

Post lunch, the first session was through a prerecorded video by Ms. Anusha Sridharan , an accomplished professional in the domain of Health IT and predictive analytics. She went to explain how this revolutionary idea will cause the next disruption in clinical trials.

The next speaker was Dr. Alben Sigamani who explained the highly specialized topic methodologies in health care research. An accomplished researcher himself his insight into this topic gave valuable guidance to the audience.

The concluding speaker for the second day was Dr. Ramesh Jagannathan , Head of Clinical Development of Biocon and the chair of Southern chapter of our benefactor ISCR. He spoke on a topic of utmost relevance to the healthcare researcher - GCP. Dr. Ramesh’s highly insightful explanation to ICH GCP has given a new understanding to the complex subject of organizational, interpersonal, technical and ethical aspects of GCP.