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World AIDS Day 2018 Sneha Run: Run to give HOPE

02 Dec 2018

World AIDS Day 2018 Sneha Run to give HOPE

As a support to the various World AIDS Day activities being conducted outside Krupanidhi Campus, the NSS team from Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy joined in to support “Sneha Run”, organized by Sneha Care Home on 2nd December 2018. the aim objective of the event was to raise awareness and some funds for the HIV infected kids housed at their center.

The run began at 7.00 am and the runners covered a total distance of 5 kilometers along Sarjapur road. They were provided with certificates of completion and breakfast by the organizers. There was also a live band to entertain the crowd.

The entire experience was exhilarating and the NSS team also got a chance to network with a lot of likeminded people from other sectors who were participants at the event. It was a run in “Hope” of better world for those little angels at Sneha Care Home.